AAESC brings together 640 of the Asia's leading manufacturing and environmental services companies, to address the core sustainable development challenges faced by our industries across Asia.


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From Japan to Egypt. From Russia to Australia. For 28 years, the AAESC has worked hard to promote the environmental services industry across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

We work to foster collaboration and information sharing between our members, and to promote our members business interests at the national and local level, lobbying and encouraging governments to adopt the various technologies offered by our members. Through our efforts, we not only serve the business interests of our members, we work to provide clean air, clean water, clean energy, and a sustainable future for the people of Asia and future generations.

To do this, the AAESC brings together more than 640 environmental services companies from a broad range of industries.  Through our combined efforts, we not only promote our members products and business interests across more than 40 countries within Asia, we have a truly global reach.

Within the AAESC organization, we employ Policy Analysts that conduct industry research across the entire spectrum of the environmental series industry, spanning the entire Asian continent, in order to give you the most up to date information on industry and governmental developments.

We have a team of specialists in almost every country, working in the areas of Business Development, Training, and Events Coordination, to work with you to promote your business and your technology.

For 28 years, we have been working with companies in Asia as well as around the globe, to achieve their business goals in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

Today, the AAESC works with the following broad industries:




Building Products/Energy Efficiency

Water Technology

Mining and Metals

Solar Power

Wind Power


Oil and Gas

Food and Agriculture

Power Generation and Storage


The AAESC exists to help you achieve success in Asia.